Most Advised Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera

One of the best ways to make your home safer is by applying a wireless security camera. It is a camera that that functions to record activities or moments in your house. Generally, it is applied for indoor. There are many options that you can buy. The most advised idea is Conbrov® Wf28 HD Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera. Before you buy this camera device, it will be better if you pay attention to the following review. It includes the design, specs, features, etc.

The Package Contents of Conbrov® Wf28 HD Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera

This wireless security camera comes in a package. This package includes many contents. Besides WF28 camera itself, it also contains some other contents. The first is adapter that can be used for a charger. Besides that, it also includes one bracket. Then, a CD of installation demo is also available in this package. For the installation and use guides, it also comes with user manual. Overall, the package contents are complete enough. However, it does not include extension cable and micro SD card so that you should buy them separately.

Conbrov® Wf28 HD Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera Specs

For the detailed specs ofConbrov® Wf28 HD Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera, it comes with AVI video format. Besides that, it uses 720p HD resolution or VGA opt H.264. Then, record date & time display are also available. In addition, it is supported with micro SD card up to 32 GB. When night, it can reach up to 24 feet or 8 meters. The same distance is also for the motion detection. It can also be operated for different temperatures from -10 up to 50 degrees of Celsius. Comes with 103 x 60 x 29 mm, it weighs 145 grams including the adapter where the power adapter has 6V / 0.8A power.

Conbrov® Wf28 HD Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera Performances

In relation to the performance, you have to know that this wireless security camera can work all day from morning to night. So, this camera can records any activity or moment continuously. In fact, safety is very important all day and criminal may happen anytime. That is why this performance is very beneficial. The quality of the images is also very good including in the night. Therefore, it is reasonable to be considered as the best Conbrov® Home Wireless Security Camera.

Even though it can work day and night, of course the quality of the images will be different. However, you have to know that it still has high quality images. In the night, this wireless security camera can reach up to 24 feet or about 8 meters. Of course, this night vision is very satisfying. You also need to know that it comes with 23 packs of LED hide that is applied in the PIR. Anyway, the quality of the recorded images will not be disappointed. That is why you should not hesitate to buy this.

Conbrov® Wf28 HD Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera Features

This wireless security camera also comes with many interesting features. One of them is automatically loop recording. This feature functions for the Micro SD card offered. The micro SD card supported is up to 32 GB. With this micro SD storage, it can record activities and moments with long durations. The automatic recording is also very useful because it can record anything automatically. Anyway, this feature is very beneficial.

Besides that, it is also featured with motion detection that is very accurate. This great feature can work to detect the motion up to 8 meters or 24 feet of distance. Even though it can reach long distance range, the accuracy is still very high. To activate this motion detection, you have to set it up first. You need to set the areas that you will choose as the target of the motion detection. If there is any movement on the motion detection, you will receive alerts. It is useful is not it? So, you need to thank to this interesting featured.

Still related to the alerts, it cannot only send ring alert but it can also send email alert. The email alert will be set to your Smartphone via email. Even more, it also offer pushes for more action if relation to motion detection alerts. These alerts & pushes function are available on this device as one of the most useful features. Considering the features above, there are many people who agree that this can be considered as the best Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera that you should buy.

Another most interesting feature offered on this wireless security camera is A/C power supply. This power supply is included on the box of the package for mounted use. It is only functioned and used for optional extension cable. So, if you need the extension cable, this feature is very useful. In fact, there many people who use this feature because they prefer mounted use. That is all the features that come on this smart, sophisticated and advanced wireless security camera that are very useful and interesting.

Other Benefits of Conbrov® Wf28 HD Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera

From the specs, performances, and features above, you can find many benefits from this home wireless security camera. Besides those benefits, there are still some other benefits that you can enjoy. For example, even though this security camera focuses on video recording, it is also able to record sound. It means not only activities that are recorded but also sounds. So, the result will be better because it provides the complete recording.

Besides that, the benefit also comes related to the warranty. The manufacturer offers a good warranty with replacement warranty fully. The warranty offered to cover this security camera product is 12 months. So, if this it is stolen or it does not work, for examples, they will repair or replace it. Hopefully, the review of Conbrov® Wf28 HD Home Wireless Security Wi-Fi IP Camera above will be useful especially for you who want to apply a security camera at home.

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