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As we know, there are many kinds of the nice security camera in the market, which have the different specification and details. Yes, by the different specification, people are able to consider choosing the greatest security camera, as they want. Here, for the one of the greatest consideration, I haveAmcrest AMDV960H8-8B DVR Security Camera System. Yes, it is one of an excellent security camera, which is great to be applied in our home. The Amcrest is one of the special manufactures, which provides the great product. It also guarantees the quality of it. Please check the detail below.

Amazing hi-res video@30fps real-time

What makes this security camera special is its amazing high-resolution video. The manufacture says that this security camera is nice with 960H video standard. This high standard of the video will provides the nice widescreen display with the high definition and best image sensors. Of course, the detail of this feature will give the better and clearer image than the other security camera. In other hand, this camera is completed with the DVR system. The DVR system here will be nice to handle the incredible density for the crisp high-resolution image.

Easy setup

In this security camera, the manufacture applies the special technology inside the camera. Yes, the camera has the direct connection with some detail features, as the DVR for painless, the plug and also play setup. Here, the 960H DVR system has the great thing to provide the single control, so people will be easier in using it. In other, something that people also need to know is that by the backward compatibility, people will be easier in using best Amcrest AMDV960H8-8B DVR Security. They just need to switch off the camera unit to use this feature.

Day and night surveillance

The manufacture uses the TVL IP66 heavy duty camera. It is one of the special cameras for the security, which provide the great performance and beautiful look. In the detail of it, it has 3.6 millimeter leans and 75 degree of the viewing angle. In other hand, it has the 24 high-intensity IR-LED for the night vision. With the complete LED here, this camera will give the best night vision up to 65 feet. This camera is also nice with the automatically work on it. The infrared will automatically activated the low lighting condition, so people do not need to be busy in setting it.

Motion detection and alerts

Inside the Amcrest AMDV960H8-8B DVR Security Camera System, people will see the great detection and alert. Here, the DVT feature of the camera security will be a nice factor to give the clearer detection of the object of camera. I am sure that the camera is sensitive enough, so you will be easy about the detail of object captured by the camera. In other hand, the manufacture applies the alert too there. What is the function of the alert? Of course, the alert will send a sign to the people when the camera captures some odd objects.

Nice remote viewing

This product generation applies some nice modern features in the way to give the best service to their customers. Here, the manufacture makes a nice revolution by applying the nice remote viewing as the feature of this camera security. It is the new technology applying in the camera security, which will make the people easy in controlling and viewing the recording of the camera security. The remote here is integrated with the PC and mobile device. Of course, some appropriate devices are needed there. It will be nice to read the manual of the product first to know it well.

Long continuous recording and backup

Sometimes, the backup become the problem of the camera security because the memory of it is too small in capacity. However, people nowadays do not need to worry about this matter. Yes, it is because the manufacture of this camera security applies the nice memory for them. In the package of the best Amcrest AMDV960H8-8B DVR Security, the manufacture adds the 1TB HDD for their customer. 1TB HDD is one of the big sizes of memory for the camera security. It will be a nice memory to provide larger saving space and it will give the longer continuously recording.

IP66 heavy duty camera with weatherproof system

In order to provide the durable camera, the manufacture applies the IP66 heavy-duty metal weatherproof camera. In the modern camera security, it is one of the special cameras, which will give the maximal service to the customers. The heavy-duty metal camera provides the strong camera and it will be able to be used in years. In other hand, the manufacture also applies the weatherproof technology. It is the nice technology of the camera, which will be nice to keep the well condition of it although you put it in your outdoor with an extreme weather.

Free US guarantee service

The last nice thing, which people need to know about this product, is the warranty. Of course, this matter is important in the way to keep the well condition of the camera security. In other hand, the warranty also will give the easy access for the people when they want to replace the broken part of the camera. Now, how about the warranty of this product? The manufacture gives the 1-years full warranty of this. People will have full-featured warranty and they do not need to worry how to change their camera security. Of course, the term and condition are needed to be known before claiming.

Cons of product

By seeing the features of this camera security, I am sure that it can be the great choice for the people. I almost do not find any cons of this camera. However, in some cases, people are difficult in installing this camera security because of its detail dimension. The difficulties maybe will bother the newbie people. When people find their weakness in installing matter, it will be nice for them to call the agent or read the whole manual of this product. Of course, the carefully working is needed to avoid the broken camera in installing matter.

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Well, we are in the conclusion now. By the explanations above, the Amcrest AMDV960H8-8B DVR Security Camera System is one of the special camera securities, which can be your choice. Now, it is your turn to buy this as your favorite camera. In order to get this camera security, you can go to the near market in your town. However, if you are busy, you can use the online shop to buy it. Just transfer the payment and the courier will deliver it for you!

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