Awesome and Top Wireless Home Security Alarms from Fortress

Security is one important thing in your home. The security is used for protecting your home form thief and dangers. You have to put the security for your home. Anew security design is the security alarm. This security alarm is an alarm which can be used for detecting if there is a danger or thief in your home. This type of the security is simpler than the other design. Furthermore, if you are looking for a security alarm for your home, Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-Fis the best choice for you becauseit is designed by the high technology.

The Amazing Features ofFortress Security Store (TM) S02-F

There are several good features that are provided from this product. First, if you use the Fortress security, you will get the good security for your home. The product has the home security system which is completed by sensors and programmable and good main unit. This security uses the Auto-dialer function which is used for detecting danger if there is the security breach. The door or window contacts are used in this product to detect if there is forceful break-in. moreover; this product also provides a breakage sensor which is used for signing that there is breakage.

The other feature of this product is passive motion sensors detect. The sensor is used for detecting the suspicious activity. If there is a strange movement or activity, this security will know it. The Fortress consists of the loud outdoor alerts. It has a function for preventing the potential intruders. This product also has the panic button. Those features of the security alarm give the best protection for your home from dangers and criminals. The security will give the signal if there is a danger or intruders.

The Complete and Power System from Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-F

As has been mentioned above, this security has the amazing system. The system of the Fortress security is complete. You can see the complete system of the security in this following explanation. The system of the security uses the main control panel featuring auto-dialer. 10 x door or window contacts is used for detecting the breakage, and 4 x passive motion detectors is used for detecting the suspicious movement. 1 x loud with 110dB alarm with 30 inches wire is used in this package. The additional adapter with the 5 ft 110 v wall adapter is used in this security. Other features which include in the Fortress security system are smoke detector, glass breakage detector, panic button, key fobs to activate and deactivate the alarm, and alarm warning stickers.

The Specifications of Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-F

After you know several features that are covered by this product, it is better for you to know the detailed information of this product. The product dimensions of this Fortress security is 14.3 x 12.4 x 4.7 inches. This product has 6.5 pounds for the item weight, and the shipping weight 6.5 pounds. With this simple package, you will get the good security. Moreover, this Fortress security includes in the best wireless home security alarm. Many people like to use this security for their home and they feel satisfied about this product.

Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-F Superiority

The fortress security has become the famous and best product for security because this product gives the best features. This product is easy to setup and it is easy for installation. The way to install the product can be seen via online. You can use this security as fast as possible. Many people like to use this product because the features of this security are complete and pretty impressive. Furthermore, many users of this security think that this is great product because it has the loud sirens. Both inside and outside sirens are loud. The sirens help you to know the danger.

In addition, this security has an application which can be applied for your iPhone or iPad. The application is used for monitoring several zones of your home. It helps you to know if there are dangerous on your home. The Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-F is the good choice for you because it provides the security using the high standard. If you are far from your home, you do not worry about the security of your home because by using this product you can call the system from your phone. Moreover, this security is packed in the well-organized box. This makes you easy to bring it.

The Great Benefits of Wireless Alarm

The advantage of the wireless alarm that has been mentioned above is some advantages of the product. Furthermore, the fortress security that includes in the wireless alarm has several benefits. The first benefit is the wireless alarm has an easy installation. As have been explained that the fortress wireless is easy to setup. It does not need the complicated tools and equipment. The second benefit is the wireless alarm has the battery powered. Several wireless alarms have the battery backup which can be used if there is the emergency.

Having range is also the benefits of the wireless alarm. The best security alarm from Fortress is able to communicate for a hundred feet. Even though you are far from your house, you can know the security of your house. The other benefit of the Fortress security is having the cellular network. The wireless alarm can connect to your phone and other networks such as police. This will help you to connect with the police even your phone is cut because the system of wireless alarm still gives signal to the alarm company.

If you use the wireless alarm, the other benefit by using it is the affordable security. The installation of the security does not need major installation. The wireless security can be applied in the small houses. The easy upgrade is also the benefit of the wireless alarm because the main component of your system is wireless. Thus, it can be easier to upgrade. You also can buy the additional sensors for your wireless alarm.

Overall, if you want to increase the safety for your house, it is better for you to use the wireless alarm because it has the high quality for increasing your home security. If you ate looking for the wireless alarm for your home security, Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-F is the best solution for you to increase your home security. This product is well designed and well organized. This Fortress security also has the easy installation and great and complete system such as the best sensors, smoke detector, passive motion detectors, doors or windows contact, and more. The product is a recommended product for your home security. The Fortress security is really best and great.

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