Getting the Best Smartphone Integrated Surveillance Camera for Home and Office with PowerLead

Don’t let yourself waiting for getting surveillance camera even though you are owning small room for living. Having surveillance camera doesn’t always have to make you wait until you have big house with every important furniture you have. Even though you own the small one, you can’t deny that some things inside your home are valuable and important to keep. Therefore, having surveillance camera is needed. If you are looking for the best surveillance camera with latest technology, you can take a look at PowerLead Csaf PLS366 and PL-S368 IP cameras.

Choosing surveillance camera isn’t easy. Of course, we all want to have the one which using the latest technology to use. There are several surveillance cameras in the store, or even in the internet to find. But, not all of them can exactly fulfill what you need. The basic key to get good surveillance camera surely includes the requirement to always on for 24 hours. Besides that, using less energy for the electricity is mostly chosen because it is more effective if you are into energy save mode campaign. People will look for surveillance camera that can work in many parts, which needs to put some cameras in some rooms, but can be controlled easily. Surveillance camera will be better when it is featured with night vision to make sure that your home is safe when you are out of the town. Using surveillance camera isn’t always easy for busy person, but still Android and iOS systems are mostly used to ease our task, it is hoped that surveillance cameras can integrate with the app in smartphone to control.

Choosing surveillance camera need to suit to what you really need. There are some types of surveillance camera for different functions. Indoor camera is used to look for the condition of the room at the time. Indoor camera is usually installed in the ceiling. Some of the cameras are shaped to be a hidden surveillance camera such as books or plants to be placed in around the furniture. Outdoor camera is of course chosen to be installed in outdoor area. Outdoor surveillance camera is having the feature that indoor surveillance camera doesn’t have, such as the feature anti-stain feature.

Introduction to PL-S366/White PowerLead Surveillance Camera

PowerLead Csaf PL-S366 IP Camera is one of the PowerLead series that functions as indoor surveillance camera. It has the resolution of 1280 x 720 in clear image. It includes the infrared LEDs which provides night vision in the distance of 20 meters for 24 hours. This surveillance camera can tilt to 100 degrees and can be zoomed digitally. Besides that, this camera includes motion detection alarm, which can detect the motion detection from the video or snapshot. Surely, this alarm can support well the feature of 24 hours surveillance camera. This camera also has two way audio, which let the owner hear and say something to the room. It is good to monitor home or to talk with other home owners inside the room. It is built with microphone and speaker which can function as voice communication from the camera to the smartphone or vice versa.

PL-S368 has wider angle which is 350 degrees. It can also tilt until 100 degrees as PL-S366. This surveillance camera is also built with microphone and two ways audio. The signal processing even includes echo cancellation, comfort noise, noise suppression, and silence suppression. With the infrared feature, this one of best surveillance cameras provides night vision to look at the room when it is dark.

The Specifications of Both PL-S366 and PL-S368 Surveillance Cameras

PowerLead Csaf PLS366 and PL-S368 IP cameras include 1.0 MP camera which can be used for streaming video in HD quality. With the 1280x720p resolution, surely this camera can give the best way to show you the clear image of the room at the time. Even in the night vision, you can still look for your room because it has 30ft of distance for this feature. Besides that, the video recording can be saved to the internal SD card such as micro SD card with maximum of 32 GB, cloud storage, and mini NVR.
The specifications of both cameras include ¼ inches of color CMOS sensor. It has 55 degrees viewing angle horizontally. AAC is used for the audio compression format, while H.264 is used for the video compression format. The product dimension is shaped in 5.2 inches for the length, 4.7 inches for the width, and 4.5 inches for the height. It has the weight of 950g.

PowerLead Surveillance Cameras are Easy to Setup

What makes these PowerLead surveillance cameras is easy to use is because of how easy it can be installed. It is because PL-S366 and PL-S368 can integrate well with Android and iOS apps. This app is called as MIPC. The app is available both in App Store and Google Play Store. As these cameras have the ability to integrate with the app, it can be controlled easily from the phone anywhere.
To install PowerLead cameras, the first step is to download the app. And then, use Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet cable connection to get the connection for the camera by WPS FN button. It then used to scan the QR code. PL-S366 and PL-S368 can be sued for multiple cameras surveillance for different room that can be controlled in one device. Not only to the smartphone, but you can even control your room by Internet Browser.

The Usage of PowerLead Surveillance Cameras

For the usage, these cameras need a cable to connect to the IP camera. It will be connected to the router. After scanning the QR code, choose Wi-Fi that is used and fill the password after it. When the camera gets the Wi-Fi connection, pull out the cable. Finally, try to check the surveillance by the app that is already installed in your smartphone.

The Warranty and Package Included

PowerLead Csaf PLS366 and PL-S368 IP cameras include 1 IP camera, 1 quick start guide, and 1 mount bracket that are wrapped in one package. For the warranty, there is no worry since it includes 100% of reliable warranty in 12 months. It can be exchanged to new when something doesn’t look good in the camera. Also, it includes 30 days free exchange to all of PowerLead products. These features are surely enough to fulfill the needs for people who need to look for the room anywhere. It is because this camera suits not only to home owners, but to business owners and building owners.

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