Best Locations to Place Home Video Security Systems Camera

Having home video security systems to protect your house is a great advantage. You can add more protection to your house and you can prevent bad events like burglary. If someone broke into your house and you want to report the case to the police, you can do that easily because you have the valid evident, which is the recording of your security camera, and you can use it to bring the case to the police.

So, clearly there is no disadvantage of having a security system at home. To enhance the function of the security system, you need to place the security system cameras in the right place so that you can get the best shoot of your house. Below, you will learn more about the perfect locations to place home video security system camera. It will be very useful for you and your family.

Best Place to Home Video Security Systems Camera

1. The Front Door

Placing a security system as the part of the whole security system is a must. The front door is basically the grand entrance of your house. Everyone comes and goes through that door. By everyone, here we mean the bad guys as well. It is believed that in all cases of burglary, the 34% of it happened with the burglars breaking to the house through the front door.

Yes, they do not even think of the alternate entrance but straight through the front door. That is why the front door is a must place to be given a security camera. In the front door, you have to install the security camera high enough so that it can capture a good catch of the situation. If the location is not strategic, the security camera will not get a good recording for your overall home security system. Thus, if your ceiling is high enough, install the security camera on the ceiling.

If your house is a two-story house, install the security camera at the second floor level. It is also to prevent the security camera gets damaged by burglars. Make sure that the location of the security camera cannot be reached by the bad guy even though he uses stick or something. So, the location of the security camera in the front door must be high.

Backyard is very important place to install a security camera

2. Living Room

The living room is one of the rooms in a house with the high foot traffic. A lot of things happen in the living room and some of them are not good. Thus, to keep everything under control, make sure you install a security camera in a living room. It can prevent the possibility of thief and burglary as well.

Who knows you just have a stranger over to your house or even someone who know for a long time but when you leave them alone in the living room because you need to grab a drink in the kitchen, your guest starting to wander around the house and steal your valuables. Everything can happen and that is why security system is needed. To place the security camera in the living room, you can do it the obvious way such as installing in the corner of the room.

It is visible for sure so that your guest will know that they are watched by a security camera. However, you can also make the security camera in the living room less noticeable. How? Well, you can place it on a shelf along with books and accessories. Make the books and accessories more stand out than the security camera placed next to them. That way, your guest will less notice that they are watched and you can easily track them on what they are doing in your living room just by asking report from the security camera system.

3. Nursery / Children’s Bedroom

If you have children or even babies, the nursery or the children’s bedroom becomes an important room to be protected by a security camera. A security camera is extremely needed in this room because you cannot watch your children in person for 24/7. There will be times when the children are sleeping in their room and it is time for you to get downstairs and do the chores.

You cannot keep an eye on your children, can you? This is why a security camera is needed. A security camera can notice you as soon as it detects something is not going well in the nursery. Remember, your children are your most valuable asset ever and thus protecting them by giving their room a security camera is completely important. The security camera in the children’s room can also be used to watch the children when they are not treated well by the baby sitter or when they are unhappy.

This kind of solution is very great for working moms who cannot spend more time at home.You can rely on your home security systems working well at home.

security camera in Backyard

4. Backyard

Backyard is very important place to install a security camera. Burglar and thief are breaking down the front door but they are usually coming to the yard through the backyard. Why so? It is because usually we lock the gate and they cannot come in. When they cannot enter the front yard, they will go to the backyard and try there.

Backyard is the simpler yard with usually facilities to relax such as patio, swimming pool, and garden. Thus, there will be no tall gates and stuff in the backyard. This is why thief and burglar prefer to go to the backyard. Hide your security camera among the bushes or tall tree but make sure there will be no leaves or branches blocking the camera.

Now that you know the perfect location for home video security systems, you can practice it at home. If you want to buy the best security system package with everything in it, Samsung SDS-P5122 DVR Security System is your answer. This security camera system is completed by 12 security cameras. So, beside the four locations above, you can install the rest of the cameras in other 8 rooms in your house.

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