Infant Optics DXR-8 Camera with the Best Monitoring Features

Babies require extra protection from parents. Parents should really know what their babies do no matter where they are. It may be pretty hard for parents to keep their eyes on their babies all the time. Parents need to do their job; moms with the domestic job while dads go to their office. However, they still need to monitor their kids. Thus, Infant Optics DXR-8 Camerawill be much helpful to make sure that the babies are doing well.

This Best Camera for Baby Monitoring has a new technology that has just been released recently. It is the interchangeable lens system. This technology will let you set the monitor as you wish. You can feel free to manage the angle and direction. The focal length can also be selected for the different environment. It is the greatest selling point of this camera. Moreover, the technology of interchangeable lenses is completed with three different lenses; the aluminum lens hood, wide angle lens, and 2x Zoom optical lens.

Various Lenses for Crystal Clear View

You will need a crisp and clear image to monitor your babies. This is what Best Baby Optics Camera provides with the aluminum lens hood. The middle range will be covered by these lenses. Later, the current surroundings nearby your babies can be captured. Thus, you can keep them safe and sound. You can also monitor your babies’ sleeping time with 2 x Zoom Optical lens. The image resolution and clarity are not deteriorated. Instead, it will be totally clear that shows your babies’ sleeping condition in HD. If you need 170 degree panoramic room view, you can attach wide angle lens in your Best Camera for Baby Monitoring. It can be a great help especially for those who have babies that like exploring. However, this lens is sold separately as the original pack does not include it.

Best Baby Optics Camera is also completed with some other amazing features. The first feature is tilt and pan capacity. This is the amazing feature that is not available in the previous Serie; DXR-5. The camera can be rotated 270 degrees as you wish. Then, you can set it to tilt up to 120 degrees. The interchangeable lenses are following your baby’s activities anywhere they wish. The exact and precise position can be captured in crystal clear and High Definition view. Moreover, this camera is perfected as it works quietly. Your sleeping baby will not be disturbed but you can keep monitoring your babies. Your dear babies can keep sleeping calmly.

Bigger Screen, Awesome Resolution
The LCD screen of this Best Camera for Baby Monitoring is bigger than its previous series; the DXR-5. The image captured will be crisp and clear with the same resolution. It also works for night monitoring due to its crystal clear automatic night vision. You can watch over your babies in the pitch dark room without any lamp. The night vision, furthermore, can be adjusted in the brighter vision. The things will be clear and highly-defined.

Room Features

Do you often worry about the room temperature? Do you worry about too hot or too cold nursery? The Infant Optics DXR-8 Camerahas a room thermometer that displays the temperature of the current room. Moreover, this camera also works for noisy nursery with the sound-activated LED. The sound level will be monitored visually though you cannot hear any noise. Besides, this Best Baby Optics Camera also has 2-way Talk feature that let you talking to your babies. You can talk to the babies smoothly anytime they cry. Some lullabies are also bundled in this camera that you can play remotely. After all, those features help a lot.

Long Life Battery and Alarm

The other helpful features available in this camera are out of range alarm and long life battery. You will be alerted by the out of range alarm anytime you are walking beyond the reception range. This is a new feature that you will not find in the previous Serie; DXR-5. The long life battery provides more power for this Best Camera for Baby Monitoring. It can stand more than 10 hours as you set it in power-sae mode. If you constantly set the color LCD screen, this Best Baby Optics Camera can last for 6 hours. It is greater than the predecessor; DXR-5 that stands for 7-8 hours in the optimum condition. Charging the battery will not be that difficult by connecting it to any USB interface. This offers such a convenient charging way.

Some Available Cons

Those good features of Best Baby Optics Camera are followed by some cons that some customers and buyers may complain. As you shut the camera and LCD screen down, the beeps will be generated by the monitor. People find it annoying. However, this matter has been fixed. The latest version of this camera will not beep as it is was. Moreover, the old module has been replaced with the updated version. The good news is that it is for free.

It has been previously mentioned that Best Camera for Baby Monitoring has a feature that lets you know whether your baby is crying or not. Unfortunately, the camera microphone may not be able to pick the slight noise up. It means, any small voice that your babies may produce can hardly be picked up. Just when your babies cry loudly you can find it out. Moreover, the indicator light is on when you are charging the monitor. The light is pretty bright that may disturb you, especially when you are placing it in your bedroom at night. However, the good features are totally helpful to ease your monitoring. You can feel free to do your jobs while monitoring your babies.

Troubleshooting the Baby Monitoring Camera

Furthermore, the battery may get troubled even though it is the improved version than the previous Serie. To overcome some problems that may happen in Best Baby Optics Camera, you need to make sure that the battery wiring is inserted correctly. Make sure that the red wire is inserted on right and black wire on left. Get an alternative power source such as computer energy source and connect it with the micro-USB cable. You can also switch it 2 spare cables that one of them is used as spare.

If you any device with 2.4 GHz such as internet TV, laptops, routers, and smartphone, keep them away from Best Camera for Baby Monitoring at least 3 inches from both camera unit and monitor. The antenna must be adjusted on the monitor in the appropriate position. Just in case you have dead pixels on the screen of this camera, the lens should be removed from the camera unit. Clean any dust out of the camera lens aperture with a dry cloth. If it is hard to reboot, remove the battery then replace it. Finally, monitoring your babies will be easier with Infant Optics DXR-8 Camera.

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