IPS DVR Kits Security Cameras Outdoor Indoor Home Security System

Robbery and many kinds of crime which relate to theft and stealing often happen in today’s life. The growth of such crimes increase rapidly and it should be reacted wisely by society if they want to keep such crime away from their environment. To make it so, we now have a good camera security system which will give us good facility for watching our house or certain important place which you want to be supervised. This will leave you with a good tracking toward any unwanted actions which may happen in that place. When it comes to good camera security system, the one which is good is IPS DVR Kits Camera Security System.

This is one of the best camera security system kits which you can find around the online and local shops. There are many great features which will be ready to make you feel happy and satisfied. Each aspect of the tools which are included in this security kits is wonderful and reliable. You will get many advantages and benefits. Now, to get more understanding, let us talk about the details about this tool so we will feel much more convinced when we meet this product at our local shop as we want to have security system in our house.

Excellent Camera Quality

When you want to have the best security camera, you should find the camera which will provide you with the most excellent output of video. We will need such thing to recognize clearly the doer and the action which is done. This camera security is surely the one that will provide you with such satisfaction. The camera firstly comes with a great smoothness. Here, the video which is produced will not appear as if it is a broken record. There will be no lag when the video is played and it will surely provide you with clear occasion which happens in recorded place.

The camera specification is wonderful too. Here, the camera comes with the ¼ Aptina CMOS with ICR 720 P sensor. This sensor is really sensitive. It will provide you with nice light adjustment which is fast and it will be able to handle a place with really low light. Such feature is really good because most of robbery and crime will happen in the night where light is minimum compared to daylight. The sensor works fast too and will not send any troubled image even the speed of the object in the camera is fast.

The size of the pixel is quite wonderful too. Here, 720 pixels of resolution will be acquired with this camera. This is a size which will surely provide a big picture. Big picture with wider range of details will make you have a sharp picture in the video. This sharp picture also provides fine details so it will send a proper picture to the monitor which is easy to be recognized. As proper picture is acquired, the information which is contained in the video can be read easily.

The Audio Output of the video is also excellent. Here, the audio comes with 4 CH in the input and 1 CH in the output. The microphone is really sensitive to sound so it will record any sound which happens clearly. Sound is also important part in crime scene as it will provide certain information like gun banging or other violent sound that may prove something from the crime scene. You have to get this IPS DVR Kits Camera Security System when you want full protection in supervising or watching you’re surrounding from the crimes that may be done stealthy.

Alarm Feature

When you have a security camera, you should also accompany that security system with alarm system. This system is also included in this security camera kits. When you have known that you have been being robbed and you cannot face them alone, you can sound the alarm for calling other people as your aid. This will make you have safer defense against the enemy or the suspicious person. You will get quick back-up when you can give other people sign that you are in danger. The sound of the alarm is quite annoying so it will make people pay attention to the source of the sound where the riot happens.

High Valued Storage

When we plan to install the security system, we will often find that we need a lot of storage to store the data of the video record. Video record is bigger in data size multiple times compared to the pictures so you need to get plenty storage. This security system kits is just perfect for that reason. Here, the storage which is provided for saving the record comes in 500 GB which is quite big for saving more than a few days of record. You can regulate the distribution of record for a week even more so you can maintain the deletion of the unimportant record for a long enough time.

Remote via Smartphone

When you want to control this top DVR Kits camera security system from IPS, you have been granted with a control through your smartphone. You can use iPhone, android, PC, and tablet as the controlling tools. These features do make an easy access as you often use the following thing in general and you do not have to keep additional remote. You can get the remote inside your phone which mixes two functions together here.

What You Get in Purchase

When you purchase these kits, you will surely get a few things for installing this stuff. First, you get the 4 x outdoor cameras which are equipped with waterproof system. Then, you get the AHD DVR, 4 mounting screw bags and AHD cables, a power splitter cable, a camera power adapter, a software CD, a remote control and mouse, a 500 GB memory and instruction manual for the installation of this top camera security system kits. Those are acquired in your purchase and when you want to add more cameras, you also are able to ask so when you think that there are more than four places which need to be watched.

Those are the greatness and features from this IPS DVR Kits Camera Security System. You can see that there are many advantages which you will get in your house. It comes with really nice work where you will get a good video record from the visualization to the audio of the video. With this, you can make a good record of any unintended accident which may happen and need of witness for ensuring its problem solving in the coming days.

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