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Getting a camera security will not be so much effective when you do not have the right DVR which will facilitate the result of the camera. The DVR plays important role in the camera recording as it is a place for storing the data which is acquired from the camera. You will have all of the data saved well when the DVR is good in processing and in capacity. Now, when we are talking about good DVR, the one which always comes to my mind is the Defender Pro Sentinel Smart Security DVR. This is a product from defender which comes with various kinds of benefits. Now, I will talk in detail about the features and advantages of this DVR.

Phone Compatibility

The first great feature which you should be pointed as the best part is the phone compatibility. What does phone compatibility actually mean? This is a good point because this compatibility means that you can synchronize certain actions in your DVR with your smartphone. Smartphone will surely become your main tool in today’s life. You will carry it anywhere you go because it will become the thing which will make you keep in touch with important people around you. Now, here I will give you some good point of this phone compatibility.

First, you can use your smartphone as the media for viewing the condition which is watched by your DVR. Here, using internet connection, the smartphone will be connected to the cloud storage which is provided for your DVR. This cloud storage will take the data continuously from your DVR as long as it is still active. It is placed in the data in DVR and data in the cloud storage as the cloud storage will become the bridge for connecting your best Security DVR with the phone which you use. In viewing the video, you will have to pay the internet payment for the data usage too actually but it will be worth the service you get.

In the phone compatibility, you can also ask multiple kind of viewing option too. Multiple viewing options will surely give you good option whether you want single view or multiple views. Single view will make you have more focus to certain area in your house so you can get full understanding toward the events which happen in that time. When the multiple views are enabled, we commonly only focus on overview condition and will not get an elaborated explanation toward condition which is faced.

High Numbers of Monitoring

The next great choice which becomes your consideration is the numbers of camera which can be installed in the DVR. Most DVRs will only give you from 5 to 6 cameras but here, the defender provides up to 8 camera plugs. These plugs will surely make you really happy and you will also get more wonderful wider area of protection. It will be a great tool with affordable price for a big house security camera and when you use it for common house; you may get the indoor and outdoor security cameras.

The compatibility of this Defender Pro Sentinel Smart Security DVR also comes from the compatibility to PTZ camera. This will add more room for other products to be featured in this DVR and the performance of display will surely relate to the camera which is placed. This is why the defender is favored as it is easy to follow something. Customization of viewing the object can also be used from the apps for the defender. here, you can see them in full screen, picture in picture, channel view, quad screen, sequence switching, and the digital zoom. Those features will leave you happy as you get many features at once.

Easy to Be Installed

You will get a good stuff to be installed in your house too. Here, the manual and guide which are given along with the stuff is really reliable. The guide will surely provide you with understandable explanation about the greatness of this stuff. Then, for installing, you just need to follow some easy instructions which have been elaborated in detail explanation so you can get the best understanding. Now, you just need to learn the instruction for a while when you want to install it and you will get it quickly.

Great Storage

The storage for keeping the video in this best DVR under 300 is surely reliable. Here, the DVR is blessed with 1 TB of memories. You have to know that this size will give you a period of saving for about 4 years. This will make a wonderful length of recording time and you do not have to do weekly or monthly erasing or checking data because you can even do it yearly or two years once. Thus, you will get a great feature for storing the data that may be important for four years ahead of today.

Comfortable Design

Now, we will deal with the design of this great DVR. This DVR is designed in 14.2 x 11 x 3.8 inches. Those combinations provide you with really excellent size which is portable to be placed around your house. The weight of this tool is only 2.8 pounds too which is quite light. You can carry or relocate it as you like it whenever you feel that the old placement was not really convenient. The thin design makes you be able to place it in a drawer or other small gap which exist in your furniture. it is such a reliable DVR from Defender.

There is also a motion activated recording feature which his given in this DVR. This is a feature where the recording will maximize the storage space usage. The recording will happen when there is a movement so the space will not record any blank activities which happen in the observed area. There, the storage will have maximized methods for saving the important record around. You will have even longer time of recording when the DVR only records the condition which is suspicious or contains moves.

You should not doubt anymore about this Defender Pro Sentinel Smart Security DVR. The feature and the quality of this product have been recognized by many people. There are a lot of good things which you will get and benefits that will make you feel happy here. Now, you should not need to wait anymore. Grab this DVR soon when you want full security in your house with its high capability of regulating cameras and the storage which will keep you in good memories for about 4 years. This is a revolutionary product for the future DVR.

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