Most Recommended Security Camera under $ 200

Security camera is a kind of camera that can record the moment around it. For example, you can apply a security camera on in front of your house or office so that you know whoever entering it. Generally, security camera is purposed as the safety devices to detect criminals such as thieves, robbers, etc. If you are interested to apply this device, I suggest you to consider ZOSI 4CH Full D1 960H Security Camera. This can be considered as the most recommended options especially with under $ 200 price. So, it will be better for you to pay attention to its review first.

Recommended Security Camera under $ 200

ZOSI 4CH Full D1 960H Security Camera Package

This security camera comes in a box of package. The package includes many contents. The main content is ZOSI 4CH DVR itself. Besides that, it also includes 1/3 inches of color CMOS 800TVL camera, 60 feet of BNC+DC CCTV cable, 12V / 200 MA of power supply, mouse, remote control, 1 up to 4 power splitter, mounting screw bag, instruction manual, and CD. You have to know that it does not include HDD so that you need to buy it separately.

ZOSI 4CH Full D1 960H CCTV DVR Features

There are some features that are applied on this CCTV. The features do not only make it interesting but also beneficial. Starts from the operating system, it uses embedded LINUX. Besides that, it applies 4CH D1 recording. Even though the hard disk is not included, you can apply 1 or 2 TB of SATA hard disk. Other features applied are USB interface, audio output, audio input, video output, video input, video compression, and ΒΌ displays. That is all the features that you can enjoy on this CCTV.

ZOSI 4CH Full D1 960H Camera Features

In relation to the camera used, this CCTV uses ZG2526E model. It also applies 1/3 inches and color CMOS with IR cut image sensor. Then, it uses 800TVL of horizontal resolution. The les used on this security system is 4.6 mm. for the IR LEDs amount, it has 24 LEDs. It also offers up to 65 feet or 20 meters of IR distance. Lastly, it applies auto BLC/WB/AGC. With the features offered above, this security camera can give the best performance related to the display, continuity recording, etc.

ZOSI 4CH Full D1 960H Security Camera Design

You have to know that this security camera can be used for both indoor and outdoor. It is because of the materials used are waterproof. So, it is tolerated for any weather such as hot and rainy, or even snowy. This CCTV security camera is made from waterproof metal so that it is very strong as well as durable. The camera will always work well all day from morning to night. The strong material also makes it difficult to get broken. In addition, the sleek design makes it look attractive. So, this can be considered as the best CCTV security system today.

ZOSI 4CH Full D1 960H Security Camera General Features

There are many general features applied on ZOSI 4CH Full D1 960H Security Camera. For the controller, it comes with remote control software. This software can control the security camera from your own android, tablet, laptop, or PC. Besides that, there is also IE browser that functions for setup. Then, it is also featured with TV monitor BNC output. This feature functions to monitor what recorded by this CCTV. Another general feature offered is PC monitor VGA output. All the features above function to support this CCTV to provide the best recording result.

For the DVR, it offers 960H recording DVR. Compared to the other security cameras in this price, it becomes the best offer. This recording DVT is able to support high resolution footage. So, it is not only able to record moments in longer duration but the resolution is also very high. So, when you watch the recording, the display is very clear. So, you need to thank to this feature. Because of that, it is reasonable if this CCTV is considered as the most advised security system less than $ 200.

You also need to know that it comes with 4 PCS of HD 800 TVL surveillance bullet cameras. Camera becomes the main and most important feature in CCTV because it is the source of recording. So, the camera applied affects the quality of the recording display. Fortunately, the camera has a high quality. So, the result will also be satisfying. There are many people who bought this CCTV and they have proven that it has a high quality camera. So, you will not be disappointed buying this security camera.

ZOSI 4CH Full D1 960H Security Camera Benefits

There are some benefits that you will get if you buy this CCTV. It offers h.264 video compression. It means, even though the storage of hard disk you apply is only 1 TB capacity, it can still save many records because the recording can is compressed so that it has the lower storage capacity. Even though it is compressed, the quality is still high and even the images are bigger than D1 as well as CIF.
Besides that, it also offers surveillance motion & sensitivity zones. You can set up the detection by the zones. The notification or alerts can be as a loud, audio alert, or by email that is sent into your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Of course, it is very useful for safety.

For the performance, the camera of this CCTV comes with 24 infrared LEDs. It will be active when it is dark. The camera is also able to record night vision with high resolution up to 65 feet distance. Featured with HD 800TVL sensor, it provides the clear images even though it is in the dark. In addition, you should also thank to the warranty offered. ZOSI 4CH Full D1 960H Security Camera is covered with 1 year of warranty that can guarantee the quality and parts. So, you will get satisfying experience if you buy this affordable security camera.

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