Most Valuable Recorder Security Camera

Today, the need of security camera is increased. It is because criminals happen more often. So, it will also be a good idea if you apply at least a security camera in your house whether it is for indoor or outdoor. There are many ideas of security camera available in the market and different security cameras have different values depending on what it offers. If you are looking for the most valuable option, Annke 8CH 1080N DVR Recorder Security Camera can be your best choice. Now, we will discuss about its review here.

Most Valuable Recorder Security Camera

Annke 8CH 1080N DVR Recorder Security Camera Package

This recorder security camera comes in a package that includes many contents. Of course, the main content is 8CH 1080N DVR itself. Besides that, it also offers 720P wired bullet cameras and power adapters. Then, HDD with 1 TB capacity and pre-installed DVR are also included. In addition, the package also includes USB mouse, 60 feet of BNC video cables, and 4 to 1 splitter cable, and remote control. You will also get CD software. For the guides, it offers user manual instructions.

Annke 8CH 1080N DVR Recorder Security Camera Performances

One of the reasons why you should buy this security camera is because of its performances. Even though it is priced affordably, you should not be doubt of its quality, especially for the image quality. This security camera will provide the clear images so that the recorded videos can be watched clearly. Of course, it relates to the camera used and other features applied. Anyway, this performance is very satisfying. That is why Annke 8CH 1080N DVR can be considered as the highest quality recorder security camera available in the market today.

This camera allows you to record anything happen wholly. However, you can also set up the motion detection. It means you can opt this if you only want to record what happens when the motion is detected only. So, you should set up the motion detection first. It gives some benefits for you because if the motion is detected, you will receive alerts, including email alerts. Besides that, it will also save your storage, because only the motion detected that will be recorded. Anyway, it becomes one of the best performances offered by this security system.

Annke 8CH 1080N DVR Recorder Security Camera Features

There are many features that come and make this security camera more useful and interesting. The first feature offered by this security camera is a 3.6 millimeters of lens. With this lens, this security camera can provide video recording with 1,280 x 720 pixels of resolution. It also offers 75 degrees f viewing angle. The view & record comes with remote viewing that is available on standard website browsers such as iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. Because of this sophisticated feature, it can be said that this belongs to the best affordable Annke Security Camera.

Besides that, you will also be offered with 3 in 1 DVR/HVR/NVR. It also includes USB backup feature that functions for backup data safely. For the display, it is flexible with VGA output and HDMI. You also have some options of multiple recording modes. So, you can set up the mode based on your desire. It also relates to the playback that also offers amazing. All the systems on Annke 8CH 1080N DVR Recorder Security Camera applied have high quality because they all are certified with UL compliant power supplies so that it will never miss any moment. Anyway, all the features above are very useful and amazing.

The camera used on this CCTV is IP66 camera. This camera has very high quality. Even more, it is made of waterproof material. That is why it will not be any problem even though it gets rained. So, you can apply this security camera either indoor or outdoor. It is also weather proof so that all seasons are tolerated well. If you consider indoor use, you can apply it in your living room, bedroom, family room, etc. If you want to apply it outdoor, it will be a good idea for you to apply it on garage, patio, deck, etc.

Then, you also need to thank to its automatic IR cut. This feature is available in some camera security products. This camera also applies this feature because it is very important. This feature functions to bring vivid visions all day. So, it will not only able to provide vivid day vision but also vivid night visions. So, any moment can be recorded well by this security camera and you will not miss any important thing. That is why it is very perfect for a security camera.

Annke 8CH 1080N DVR Recorder Security Camera Benefits

There are some benefits that you will get from this security camera. The first is the ability of recording compression. It comes with advanced H.264 compression that is able to compress the video recorded. So, it will save much storage space. With storage space saving, the duration of recording will be extended to be longer. That is why this belongs to the most beneficial offers.

Besides that, because of the sophistication, this security camera is able to record any moment or only motion detected. The better news is that you are allowed to check and watch it from anywhere. You can watch it using you Smartphone devices. So, you will not be afraid of unexpected thing even though you are no at home because you can monitor your home anytime and anywhere. Because the quality display is high, you can watch it with wider images and sharper display.

This HD security camera is also guaranteed by the manufacturer for 1 year. Even more, it also offers Lifetime support where you can consult or complain anything related to this camera by phone or email. That is why it can be considered as one of the most valuable options if you buy a security camera. Hopefully this review of Annke 8CH 1080N DVR Recorder Security Camera will be a good reference. So, you will not be disappointed buying this for your CCTV at home.

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