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Applying the kind of the great network security is important, especially when you are a businessperson, who needs to check the condition of your office all time. In the market, there are many kinds of it, which can be the great solution. Of course, the kind of the network security in the market occurs with the different specification, brands, and others. In this case, we have CIB HDMI 4 CH Network Security, as the one of the great choice. This network security provides the nice use of equipment. In other hand, it applies the new technology for the better performance. Let us see the detail of it below.

A brief detail of product

The CIB manufactures this network security. Something that people need to know here is the capacity of CIB. Yes, CIB is one of the famous network security manufactures. It always gives the nice product for their customer with the great details. The new development is applied in order to produce the more powerful performance. In other hand, it also applies the kind of beautiful appearance. In the detail of dimension, this network security has 4 x 14 x 12 inches size. Then, it has 6.25 pounds in total weight. By its dimension, it is one of the compact sizes, and people will be easy to place it wherever they want.

This product is one of the professional DVR. It has several nice features, which will give the better performance than the previous version. Here, the manufacture applies 4CH video input and 2 audio inputs. With the kind of the input port, of course, people will be freer in using it. In other hand, as the one of the nice development of it, here the manufacture applies the 120FPS in total of the real time display ad recording. Then, to provide the nice image, the manufacture adds the 960×480 high resolutions. Something that people need to know here is that the DVR system in this product, in overall, is better than the VCR system.

Compact HDD

I am sure that the detail of the HDD or the capacity of memory becomes one of the great things, which people need to consider here. How about the memory of this network security? Well, inside this product, CIB, as the manufacture of it, applies the 500 HDD memories. When we see the capacity of best CIB HDMI 4 CH Network Security, I am sure that it is one of the big sizes of memory and it will be nice to save some kinds of important data there. In other hand, this memory is nice with the additional features. Yes, this memory is completed with Full D1 recording and display.

Clearer image

In order to control the situation, I am sure that we need a clear image. The clear image there will give the detail image and we will be easy to know the real condition of it. In this CIB HDMI 4 CH Network Security, the manufacture uses the H,264 compression crystals. People need to know that this compression crystal is one of the great technologies applying by the manufacture in this product. By the use of this feature, people will have the clear image, like a crystal. The image is not only clear but it is also sharp.

Complete application

The reason why people should choose this product, as their favorite, is by the complete application inside this product. Yes, there are many kinds of the application, which will be useful here. For example, this product has the video viewer and EagleEyes application. It is a bound of the nice application to see the result of the recording. In other hand, this product is integrated with five kinds of browsers, as IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. Of course, the kinds of the browsers here will give more option for people, when they need the online support.

In other hand, the manufacture also says that this product is integrated too with some kinds of the OS system. Here, for the PC, this product is compatible for the Windows PC and Mac PC. Then, when people use the kinds of smartphone, the manufacture says that it will be useful to be used in some kinds of smartphone platform, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, android, blackberry, and others. I am sure that the kinds of the compatibility of it will be nice to give the large access way for the people when using this product in their office.

Easy using

Another special thing of this product, which can be the reason why people need to choose it, is its easiness in using. The manufacture says that people will be easy in installing this product because they do not need to have the special skill there. In other hand, this product is also easy to be connected in some kinds of people’s existing, such as the TV, the VCR, and the DVD quad process. By the kinds of the connector options, I am sure that it will give the well service to the people.

Package included

When people decide choosing this product, as their favorite, the manufacture will give them some packet there. Here, in the package of this best CIB HDMI 4 CH Network Security, the people will have a unit of new professional High Quality 4CH DVR System. They also will get the remote software viewing, which will be compatible for some devices. Then, the manufacture also provides the EagleEyes for cell Phone, which will give the better access way. In order to help people in installing it and using this product, there is also an English user manual. Of course, the complete of the product is displayed there.

Cons of product

By the explanations above, we all know that this product is one of the great choices when you want to have the nice network security. However, seeing the cons of it is also needed for the consideration. What is the con of it? This product has low rate in strength. People need to be more careful in placing it to avoid the broken risk. In other hand, it also needs more time in maintenance. It will be nice when people clean it every day.

Now, we lay in the conclusion. I am sure that some details of the CIB HDMI 4 CH Network Security bring you to know that this product is very useful for you. After knowing the detail of it, now it is your turn to buy it. You can call the agent below when you want to grab it. When you are too busy to go to the market, we offer the online service. I hope that it will give you the easier buying way!

CIB J960H04N1000G 960H H.264 HDMI 4 CH Network Security Surveillance DVR Recording System w/ 1000GB HDD

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as of January 19, 2018 3:04 pm


  • 960H HDMI H.264 4 Channels Video and Audio, 1000GB Hard disk, Real Time 120FPS Recording and Display
  • 960H High Resolution Real time Display and Recording in each Channel
  • Supports mobile device platforms iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Output HDMI 1080P, VGA 1920x1280, hard disk drive capability is up to 4T
  • Supports mobile device platforms iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac IOS
  • This DVR unit is USA Security Store Exclusive with CIB brand name. We are never authority other seller to sell this product.
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