Awesome New ZOSI Recording Home Security DVR

Nowadays, the camera security becomes one of choices for the people when they want to increase the safe sense around their home. Yes, it is because this camera will be nice to record the event around their home and they can see the record as the evidence. Many kinds of the camera security are available in the market with the different look and spec. However, I have ZOSI 8CH CCTV System Kit 960H Recording Home Security, which can be your choice. It is the kind of modern camera security, which will be nice to be applied at your sweet home.

New ZOSI Recording Home Security DVR

Technical detail

This nice camera security has the black as the basic color. The use of black is nice, especially when people want to have the classical security camera in their home. In other hand, for the item dimension, the manufacture applies 12.18 x 11.79 x 18.08 inches in detail dimension. It is one of a nice dimension of the security camera and you will be nice to place it in your corner. With the 20.39 pounds in total weight, this camera will be easy to be moved. ZOSI is one of the great manufactures of camera security and I am sure that they will guarantee the quality of their product.

Special package of camera

In the package of camera, the manufacture put 8 pcs HD camera. The HD camera is nice with the 800 TVL surveillance dome version. Yes, it is one of the special versions for the security camera, which will provide the clear video recording. The use of camera is also increased with the remote live viewing. By the use of the remote live viewing, people will be easy in checking the latest recording of the camera. Moreover, as following the development of the technology, here the manufacture adds the smartphone as the direct device to operate the best ZOSI 8CH CCTV.

People need to know that the camera applying in this security camera is one of the special types. Yes, the camera here has 24 sensors completing with the IR-LED light for the long night vision. The combination of the 24 sensors and the IR-LED here will be nice in order to record the video clearly. In other hand, the manufacture says that in the long night, this camera will be able to catch the video in long distance up to 65ft. See, how great it is! By the combination of this technology, night is not the problem to record the activity around home.

Advanced motion detection

What makes this ZOSI 8CH CCTV System Kit 960H Recording Home Security special is the advanced motion detection. Yes, it is one of the special features of this. The advanced motion detection here can be reached because of the high-class cameras in package. The camera is nice with the auto focus matter. It will provide the HD quality in video. So, when people want to see the recorded video, they will see the clear detail. The clear detail here, of course, will be very useful especially when they want to make any investigation.

The nice motion detection of this camera is increased by the email alert. As the additional feature of this security camera, the manufacture applies the email alert. What is email alert? Well, it is one of the nice features of the camera, which will give you the sign about what happen around your home. The email alert will try to call you when the camera records some motion. I am sure that it will be the useful thing inside this camera because when people see something wrong inside your home, they can do the quick action. Very nice to catch the robber fast.

Easiness in saving

In other hand, this best ZOSI 8CH CCTV is also nice in its saving record. The easiness of the saving can be the reason why people choose this product, as their favorite. Here, the manufacture says that this camera will be nice in providing the continuously recording. It will record the motion day by day with the HD quality. In other hand, you can make the schedule of the recording. There are some options of the schedules and people will be easy to choose this. The automatically shutoff is also applied, especially when people are too busy with their agenda.

To complete the nice thing of this camera security, the manufacture adds 1TB HDD inside it. I am sure that this HDD is one of the great HDD for the security camera because the other camera has the lower capacity than this. With the 1TB HDD, people will have the longer recording time, so they will be nice to record what happen around their home as well. In other hand, the HDD here uses the high technology. The HDD will give the speedy transfer rate, especially when people want to move the data to their PC. It is also free from viruses.

Cons of product

To make the better consideration in choosing the security camera, it will be nice for us trying to know the cons of the product. There are some kinds of the cons of this security camera, which you need to know. The first is the use of the camera. Although the camera has the complete feature, which will give the nice result in video recording, the manufacture says that this camera will be better to be placed indoor your home. By this fact, it shows that this camera is bad to be placed outdoor your home. Yes, it is because this camera also has no ‘roof’ to protect it from the rain.

The second cons of this camera are the price. I am sure that price becomes one of the considerations when people want to buy a nice security camera for their home. Here, the manufacture says that the price of this camera security is around $300. I am sure that it is a higher price for an indoor security camera. However, it doesn’t matter when you still choose it because this camera has the great features for the excellent use and ZOSI always sells the quality of their product. Just re-think before deciding and applying this camera as the favorite.

Choose your deal

Well, based on the explanations above, we all know that the ZOSI 8CH CCTV System Kit 960H Recording Home Security is one of the special security camera to be applied at home. Then, how to buy this? You can go to the market and find it by yourself. However, when you want to have the soft way in buying, you can use the online market to buy it and the courier of expedition will deliver it in your home. Please keep the updated information to know its availability.

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