ZOSI Home 8-Channel Smart Security with Best Design and Technology

Setting the best CCTV in the home will be important for people to keep their home from any damage action in this modern era. In this modern era, many thieves and housebreakers that have many ideas to steal in any home. Because of that, applying the best CCTV like ZOSI Home 8-Channel Smart Security will be the best idea for you to keep your home well. In this CCTV, you will have an amazing design of camera and it also has high technology that will offer the satisfaction one for people to get a great security in their home. This one can monitor and spy your house condition from any action easily because it has a great feature at the camera one.

Features description

Since this CCTV uses the modern technology, the quality for the camera at this product is amazing. It has camera, which is equipped with 36 infrared LEDs. This camera has ability to activate the environment, which is getting darker or low light. With this technology camera, it can display black and white night vision capability until 100 feet. It means that you do not worry to spy and monitor your home environment at night because this CCTV can catch the picture clearly. In other words, if there any thieves in your home at night, you can catch the picture very well and clear.

Moreover, you also should look at the quality for camera resolution in this CCTV. It has high resolution up to 960H 1000TVL resolution that can offer in the high-performance night version HAD IR-CUT. In this quality, you will have the satisfaction security at night because this best ZOSI smart security will display the good picture in any condition. Furthermore, the design for this CCTV is elegant and it can suit with any type of home. It means that this CCTV can camouflage at your home so that other people especially a thief will not know the position of this CCTV.

The best design and model for ZOSI Home 8-Channel Smart Security

The design of this product is very modern. Besides, it also uses the modern technology that can facilitate people in using this CCTV. One of the modern models that can be found in this product is that it can be regulated and programmed with your Smartphone. In this modern era, people need Smartphone and Tablet for their daily activity. Looking at this need, this product will satisfy people because you can remote this CCTV through your smartphone or tablet. Although other products also use this technology, this CCTV has their own benefit that can satisfy the customer during applying this CCTV at their home.

Furthermore, the model design forZOSI Home 8-Channel Smart Security especially at the camera is also impressive. The model camera in this product uses HD for both day and night camera. It means that the model camera of this product will offer the satisfaction camera for the customer. Since the camera, which is used in this product is HD, this camera also will provide color video during daytime but it will display black and white at night. With this model camera, you will get the satisfaction display in your CCTV.

The best Camera quality used

The most important that should you know before purchasing this product is the quality for the camera. The Camera will be the important thing that should be noticed in CCTV because camera will have relation to the lens that can record everything around your home. You can imagine when your CCTV has bad quality in its camera. Because of that, choosing this product is great because it has good camera specs. In this product, the camera uses image sensor with 1/3” color CMOS with IR-CUT. Besides, this camera also has good horizontal resolution with 1000 TV-lines. This spec will make the picture quality for this CCTV is better than other product.

Furthermore, the quality for this lens is also good. You can see that this best ZOSI smart security uses the 3.6 mm lens, which is supported with the 36 pcs infrared leds that can support the picture display, is great. Besides, the quality for this camera can reach the object up to 100 feet or 30 m at the IR distance. Other quality that can support the camera in this product is the waterproof level with its IP66 BLC/WB/AGC that can protect the camera in any extreme weather around your home.

Pros of product

The best one that can be found in this CCTV is that it is one of the excellent budget cameras. The quality for this camera picture is superior but it has affordable price to purchase. Besides, this camera is also very solid and it has withstood a few rainstorms so that people do not worry about this CCTV one. Furthermore, this product is also one of the great products because most costumers get satisfied with the service of the product. Most people love to use this product because the camera in this CCTV is clean and sharp. You can compare with the other brands.

Moreover, most people also love to use this CCTV due to the night vision, which is excellent. This product is excellent because it can reach any object up to 150 feet clearly at night. These specs are great because not all brands have these specs at their CCTV. The color perception in this product is also superior to other products. One of reason why the customers love to use this security system is the reservation, which has wide-angle degree lens that can reach all the objects without any difficulties.

Cons of product

However, some people also argue that this product is bad especially at the setting up. They think that this setting is difficult and complicated. In fact, the set up this camera is simple if you read the instruction. You only need to follow the instruction and everything that came right up. Besides, some people also think that the picture of this camera is also not good enough in the large areas. If you find this problem, you only need to add about 1 amp or more close to the camera so that the picture of the camera getting clearer. It is great for you to have this camera.

Choose your deal

In addition, most people love to use this ZOSI Home 8-Channel Smart Security because it has affordable price but it has high quality in its camera. Because of that, choosing this product will be your solution that wants to have a security system at your home. The technology, which is used in this CCTV especially at the camera, is also good so that most people getting satisfaction when they install this CCTV at their home.

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